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What’s My Property Worth

There are a number of factors that affect the value of your property.  Below are a few things to consider:


One of the major factors that contributes to the value of your investment property is the amount of income that the property generates.   For the most part, the more income your property generates, or is capable of generating, the higher the perceived value.  Many areas in the Bay Area are subject to rent control, which can drastically impact the potential value of a property.  We are happy to discuss local rent regulations and possible strategies to help increase the income for your property.

Sales, Rent & On Market Comps:

How your property compares to recent area sales and what is actively listed on the market is very important.  Equally important is knowing where rents are trending in the area, which speaks to potential upside and can affect an investor’s interest level in your property.  We provide the most recent and relevant sales, rent, and on market comparables to our clients.

The Current Market:

The number of properties or amount of inventory on the market, how long properties are staying on the market, the availability of attractive financing, and rents are all key indicators related to market conditions.

The Condition Of The Property:

Typically speaking, properties in good condition and absent of deferred maintenance trade at higher prices and sell quicker.  We will recommend what type of improvements are necessary to help you achieve the highest price for your property, as well as which improvements are unnecessary and will not yield you a return on your investment.

The Performance Of The Property:

How the income and expenses have been historically is very important.  If the property has been performing poorly i.e. high vacancy and expenses and low rents, buyers will typically look for discounted pricing to purchase this type of asset.  We have the ability to help you to lease units and audit expenses to help you achieve the most aggressive price for your real estate.

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